Cooper T. Jones

If you have ever been inside the four walls of our clinic, you have likely run into Cooper T. Jones.  Yes, that is his name.  He belongs to Dr. Vantrease, but would likely go anywhere with you if you would let him.  Cooper is a great reminder of why we chose veterinary medicine as a career path.  On our worst day, he is always there with a smile on his face to lift our spirits.  There are lots of ups and downs during a day at the vet clinic, but Cooper is a constant reminder of why we do the work that we make animals healthy and happy again, just like him.  Whether you are bringing your pet for an exam, surgery, or just stopping by to pick up your pet's medicine, be sure to ask if Cooper is in the house.  He is sure to be here, and loves to visit!  

~  Jennifer Lyons, Practice Manager

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