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  • Dr. Buck Vantrease

     Buck VanTrease, D.V.M.

    Dr. Buck VanTrease is a 1984 graduate of Kansas State University. Post graduation he practiced in Tempe, Arizona in an mixed companion practices that included extensive equine work. In 1987 he founded a practice in Fountain Hills, Arizona predominately small animal medicine and surgery. He consulted and practiced with several large hospitals in Arizona where he started to develop advanced skills in surgery. 

    In 2003 he purchased a practice in the heart of Austin, Texas. It’s here that Dr. VanTrease, over the next several years, trained with some of the most respected doctors in the country in advanced soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. After 15 years he was asked to develop and train other veterinarians in these areas and thus his travels lead him to San Antonio, Houston and finally to Wills Point, Texas.“ I was raised in a small town and have never forgotten the true benefits that came from that. I truly consider it a blessing that my journey has finally lead to here. I look forward to being very involved in the community at all levels”, he added when asked about moving from a large city to Wills Point.He as three children, a son and two daughters, who have the passion for the outdoors, horses, and helping others especially young kids. He was instrumental in starting an outdoor ministry in Austin for boys who didn’t have a father figure in their lives. Today Kids Outdoor Zone impacts thousands of boys and girls throughout the country. His oldest daughter has caught the bug to follow in her father’s footsteps and plans to go to Texas A&M to become a veterinarian.“I look forward to being huge supporter and leader in Wills Point, both with our schools (Go Tigers!) and from a business point of view, he said. 

  • Jennifer
    Practice Manager

    Jennifer has been with Van Zandt Animal Care Center since June of 2011.  She started as a technician, and was recently promoted to Practice Manager in December of 2017.

    She is a certified veterinary assistant, with large amounts of continuing education under her belt.  Her passion has always been emergency and critical care, and of course veterinary dentistry.  She has trained with several board certified veterinary dentists and has assisted in numerous orthopedic surgeries with Dr. Vantrease.  

    She has 2 dogs, Lane and Merle, at home.   Both pets were rescues and are mixed breeds.

    She has been married to the love of her life, James, since 2007, and has two daughters at home named Landrie and Leighton. 

    In her spare time, she enjoys doing Crossfit, shooting pistols, and lounging at the lake in the Summer.

    Her favorite movies are “Tombstone” and “A League of Their Own”.

    Her favorite quote is, “Practice like you’ve never won, but perform like you’ve never lost.”   

    Jennifer is very passionate about emergency/critical care, dentistry, and of course, puppy kisses!

  • Amber Boyd

    Amber joined our team in 2018 as a receptionist, and was promoted to Co-Manager in July of 2019.

    She has 3 pets at home:  a 9 year old cat named Lissie, a 2 year old German Shepherd named Cinnamon, and a 1 year old pit bull named Rocko.

    Outside of veterinary medicine, Amber loves watching movies, spending time with her husband and two daughters, going to the beach, reading, and doing arts & crafts.

    Although she is a huge movie buff, and has a lot of favorite movies, her absolute favorite would be 'Dirty Dancing'.

    Her favorite quote is, ' I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world, than stand with the world and be judged by God.'  ~ Grace Wesley

    When asked what par of vet medicine she is passionate, her response was, '  I like building relationships with people.  I want to get to know our clients and their pets.  It's hard to see the fur babies sick and in pain, but to see them completely recover is so satisfying.'

  • Marenda
    Veterinary Technician

    Marenda started at VZACC in 2014 as a technician. 

    She has 3 blue heelers, named Gracie, Remi,  and Harley, and one kitty named Swiper.

    In her free time, she enjoys fishing, playing pool, riding horses, and pretty much anything that involves being outdoors.

    Her favorite movie is '8 Seconds.'

    Her favorite quote is ' To be the best, you must be able to handle the worst.'

    Marenda is passionate about all aspects of vet medicine, including surgery, dentistry, client education, and equine medicine.

  • Kimberley
    Veterinary Technician/Groomer

    Kimberley has been a VZACC team member since January of 2017.  She is our resident groomer, as well as a veterinary technician.

    She has 2 pit bulls named Wilma and Zeus, and a bearded dragon named Spike at home.

    In her free time, Kimberley enjoys coaching her kids soccer team, and being a team mom for her daughter's cheerleading squad.

    Her favorite quote is 'One of the happiest moments ever is when you find the courage to let go of what you cannot change.'

    She is passionate about skin and coat therapy, and of course, making her fur babies smell and look fabulous through grooming!

  • Chasidy
    Client Relations

    Chasidy started at VZACC in June of 2017 as a receptionist.

    She has two pets at home;  Tilly the turtle and Cricket, a toy Australian shepherd. 

    In her free time, she enjoys working out and being a mom to her two sons.  This usually involves fishing, basketball, vacations, and much much more.

    Her favorite movies are 'Tombstone' and 'Sweet Home Alabama'.

    Her favorite quote is Proverbs 31:25 'She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.'

    Her favorite song is, 'With you I am' by Cody Johnson.

    Chasidy is passionate about making our clients and patients feel at home, and always welcome.  She firmly believes that your pet's comfort and happiness is a top priority!

  • Jan
    Client Relations

    Jan started as a receptionist in July of 2019.

    She has 4 dogs, a pig, a turtle, birds, a mouse, and 6 horses at home.

    When not at work, she enjoys training wild mustangs and traveling.

    Her favorite movie is 'The Motorcycle Diaries.'

    Her favorite quote is 'Travel makes one modest.  You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.' ~Gustav Flaubert

    When asked what part of veterinary medicine she was passionate about, she replied,' I love Equine medicine and Chiropractic work.'

  • Bryce Doss

    Bryce joined our team in 2018 as our special projects/maintenance coordinator.  He has since been promoted to kennel technician, and then again to veterinary assistant. 

    He has a 1 year old blue heeler at home named Ruger.

    His hobbies outside of vet medicine are working out, mountain biking, and farming worms.

    His favorite movie is 'Django Unchained'.

    His favorite quote is, 'Give me liberty or give me death.'  ~Patrick Henry

    Bryce is passionate orthopedic surgery and rehab.

  • Pamela LeClercq
    Veterinary Assistant

    Pam started at VZACC in July of 2019 as a veterinary assistant.

    She has a husky named Shasta, a shiba-inu named Canyon, and a german shepherd named Dixie Rose at home.

    Outside of work, she enjoys playing tennis (she is a nationally seeded player) , writing, and being a mom.

    Her favorite movie is 'Divergent.' 

    Her favorite quote is,' The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.'  ~Steve Jobs

    When asked what part of veterinary medicine she is passionate about, she replied,' Parvo recovery/success stories, and knowing what I do keeps a pet happy, healthy, and together with their family.'

  • Rachael Brasher
    Veterinary Assistant

    Rachael joined our team in July of 2018.

    She has a dachshund named Charlie, and a blue heeler named Wyatt at home..

    In her spare time, she enjoys embroidery, screen printing, making vinyl decals, riding horses, going to stock shows, and playing with her two kids.

    Her favorite movies are '8 Seconds' and 'Lonesome Dove.'

    Her favorite quote is 'If you want any one thing too badly, it's likely to turn out to be a disappointment.  The only healthy way to live life is to learn to like all the little everyday tings.' ~ Augustus McCrae- Lonesome Dove

    Rachael is passionate about the over all care and wellness of animals, with a special interest in dentistry.

  • Kailey Richardson
    Kennel Technician

    Kailey started in March of as our Kennel Technician. 

    She has a catahoula named Piper, a husky named Stormie, a lab named Molly, a shepherd mix named Cinch, and two kitties named Jonah and Paisley.

    Her hobbies outside of veterinary medicine include singing, going dancing, and spending time with her family.

    Her favorite movie is 'The Notebook.'

    Her favorite quote is, 'I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me.'  -Phillipians 4:13

    Her veterinary passion is helping the clients with their animals, and helping the animals themselves.

  • Suzanna
    Kennel Technician

    Suzanna joined the VZACC team in 2019 as a kennel technician.

    She has 2 dogs at home.  A pit bull named Tigeress, and a lab named Ruby.

    Outside of veterinary medicine, she enjoys hanging out with her husband and children.

    Her favorite movie is '10 Things I Hate About You.'

    Her favorite quote is, 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.'  ~Joshua 24:15

    Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is being able to give boarding dogs the comfort they need when away from their owners. 

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