Welcome to Cooper's Corner!

Hi guys!  It's Cooper T. Jones here, reporting live from Van Zandt Animal Care Center.  If you have read our previous blogs, then you already know who I am.  If not, allow me to tell you!  I am Dr. Vantrease's dog.  I am always here at the clinic looking for treats and loving from my favorite clients.  Anywho- I get to see some pretty amazing things here at VZACC and thought I would tell you guys about some of the crazy cases I have witnessed and give you some updates on my favorite fur friends!  So, here goes!

This last week alone I have seen so many dogs and kitties, but the one patient that comes to mind first was Opie the goat.  That's right, I said goat.  About 4 week's ago, Opie's mom brought him in to see us because he had hurt his leg somehow.  My dad and the girls (staff) gave Opie a sedative and took some x-rays.  Sure enough, his back leg was broken in two.  OUCH!  While he was sleeping, my dad used his hands to help place the two bones back together and then put a cast on his leg.  Fast forward to this past Monday and Opie was back for his recheck and splint change.    Anyway, my dad decided to use a new combination of medications to sedate Opie this time and it worked great!  I'm not gonna lie to you, I did have to walk up to Opie and get a good sniff while he was sleeping.  I couldn't help myself.  He didn't smell like any dog I have ever smelled before.  So, Opie has a new bright orange cast on his leg, wakes up as soon as we are done, and walks out of the clinic!  Pretty cool if you ask me.  

If you are reading this and we have seen your pet for something abnormal and it has gotten better, be sure to shoot me an email so I can mention it!  You know my doggie brain can remember everything until someone breaks out a treat...then it's toast!  Send your email to:  [email protected]

Love to stay and chat some more, but the life of a clinic dog is crazy and I need my afternoon nap.

Catch you guys and gals next week!

~Cooper T.

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